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In 2013 I hit rock bottom – I had moved to Dubai alone for a corporate career in marketing. Having left all my family in Australia, and the friends, boyfriend and colleagues in London where I had been living, things turned very dark, very quickly for me.


I began drinking heavily, I was crippled with anxiety and loneliness, and an eating disorder I had been battling on and off for over 10 years finally came to an ugly head.


One morning while I was there I woke up and realised I had to make HUGE changes in my life or else I would be heading down the path of full-blown self-destruction – I was genuinely scared of what I was capable of. I felt lost, alone, unfulfilled, and disconnected to who I KNEW I was truly meant to be in this life. 


So I started looking inward; I started meditating and reading books on spirituality. I started studying nutrition in an effort to heal myself from my eating disorder. I started diving deep into the ancient teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Tantra. I studied psychology to understand the way the mind and brain works, and I began a profound journey of self-love, personal development and spirituality that I am still on today. 


I deepened my connection to the divine source and sprit of the universe, I started to become aware of how my mind was controlling me, and I started to break free from patterns of self-destruction, self doubt and unworthiness. 


Today I have completely transformed my life. I pulled myself out of $20K in debt to build a successful coaching and nutrition business, I became a consultant in the wellness space in Sydney, and I now have a genuine, deep love and acceptance for who I am. 


What I have learnt and what I now know for sure is that true happiness, fulfillment and a life rich with all that we desire and deserve is ready and available to us, if we know how to get it.


If these questions resonate with you, then let’s talk:


Do you know your mindset holds you back from going after what you really want in life?


Does your confidence and lack of self-belief stop you from really seeing success in your business and career? 


Do you find yourself continuously sabotaging your goals – whether they are health, relationship or money related?


Do you limit yourself from going after what you really want because you lack confidence in yourself and your ability get it?


Do your fears, limiting beliefs and lack of confidence stop you from showing up as the woman you want to be?


Do you find yourself continuously turning to unhealthy patterns of behavior like drinking, eating, shopping or sex to numb your pain to the point of hurting your spirit?


You have the absolute power to change things and redirect your ship.


You are the captain. And I will be there to guide you.

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