I’m Ashleigh James, and I'm a Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach, as well as a Holistic Nutritionist. I facilitate the healing and awakening of women. I guide them in their transformation process, to step into their power, find inner-peace, and create a life of joy.  I have degrees in psychology, nutrition and training in life coaching, and I am passionate about bringing modern neuroscience, biopsychology together with ancient wisdom. 


Our Western culture has lost the feminine note. As a result of our patriarchal society, women are disconnected. They have forgotten their true nature, they are owned by their emotions, they are disconnected from their body and their innate power. They are living unconsciously and suffer from addictions to food, alcohol, shopping and success. They know something is missing, something is not right, but they don't understand what or how to change things, and reconnect with their divine nature. This breeds lack of confidence, self doubt, self sabotage and deep feelings of unworthiness. 


my story

I recognise this because I've been through this myself.

In 2013 I hit rock bottom – I was 26 and I had moved to Dubai alone for a corporate career in marketing. Having left all my family in Australia, and the friends, boyfriend and colleagues in London where I had been living, things turned very dark, very quickly for me. 


I began drinking heavily, I was crippled with anxiety, depression and loneliness, and an eating disorder I had been battling on and off for over 10 years finally came to an ugly head. One night  while I was there I had an experience which can only be described as an awakening. I was lying on the bathroom floor, it was midnight and I could feel my soul crack open. I realised I had to make HUGE changes in my life or else I would be heading down the path of full-blown self-destruction – I was genuinely scared of what I was capable of.


I felt lost, alone, unfulfilled, and disconnected to who I KNEW I was truly meant to be in this life.  So I started looking inward; I started meditating and reading books on spirituality. I started studying nutrition in an effort to heal myself from my eating disorder.


I started diving deep into the ancient teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Tantra. I studied psychology to understand the way the mind and brain works, and I began a profound journey of self-love, personal development and spirituality that I am still on today.


I deepened my connection to the divine source and sprit of the universe, I started to become aware of how my mind was controlling me, and I started to break free from patterns of self-destruction, self doubt and unworthiness. Today I have completely transformed my life.


I healed myself from my eating disorder, I completed degrees in nutrition and psychology, completed my coaching course, I built a successful coaching and nutrition business and I'm now a consultant to the wellness industry in Sydney.


Ultimately I became awake to my true self, and started living as that person. I now live my life with authenticity, without fears (almost), and with a deep love and acceptance for who I am.


What I have learnt and what I now know for sure is that we have the ability to stand in our power, to create a life that lights our soul on fire, that everything we want is not only available to us, but wants us too.


There is a reason you are here reading this. What awaits you on the otherside of working with me is a freedom that you've not known before. It's deep, unconditional self-love, confidence and power. It's an end to self-sabotage and an end to letting fears stop you from owning your truth.


My Qualifications


University of New England 



University of Edith Cowan


Deakin University


Clique Academy 


Clique Academy


Centre of Excellence


University of Queensland 


Santosha Yoga Institute


Santosha Yoga Institute