Welcome to the Awakening Women Group Program 

Welcome Beautiful 

I'm so incredibly excited to have you here.  Are you ready to join a group of incredible women who are ready to awaken to their power and purpose and create a soul-aligned life?

You can find all the information about the Awakening Women Program here.


This is a 13-Module Program delivered over three months.


During this time I guide you awaken to your power and purpose as the divine woman you are, and show you how to create a soul-aligned life!

Together we will

​~ Get clear on what you really want, what changes you need to make and how to make them so you can find and live your purpose with abundance, love, peace and happiness. 

~ Dive deep to uncover the subconscious blocks and old stories that have been playing out and disempowering you.


~ Create new and empowering beliefs that are deeply aligned with your values and who you want to be in this life.

~ Utilise spiritual principles and ancient wisdom so you can transform your energy to live with flow, peace and ease.


~ Become a magnet for all you desire, use The Law of Attraction to cultivate an abundant mindset, and become a master manifestor!

~ Connect more deeply to your feminine power and energy so you can stay aligned and in your truth.

This program is designed especially to create the space for healing, deep transformations, self-love and acceptance, fearless confidence and authenticity, and major shifts in every area of your life.


Who is this 

coaching for?

Do you feel disconnected from your inner truth and your feminine power?


Are you asking the big questions, like ‘Is this all there is?’ ‘What is my purpose?’ ‘Why do I feel unfulfilled and empty’?

Do you lack the clarity to understand what you want and the confidence to go after it? 


Do you find yourself repeating destructive patterns around money, drinking or food? 


Does something feel off in your life, or do you feel stuck, but you aren't sure what or how to change it?

Do you find yourself stuck in limiting beliefs, patterns of comparison, perfectionism, fear of rejection and self-sabotage?

Do you experience

​Feelings of hopelessness, like no one understands you?

Feeling disconnected from people around you and the world?


Unhealthy patterns with money and spending, food or alcohol?

Feelings of unworthiness?

Fear of rejection. The same patterns in relationships?

Comparison, imposter syndrome? 

Self sabotage, numbing out?

Anxiety, stress and burnout?

Lack of boundaries?

Rejecting your physical body and yourself?

How we transform

Week 1 

Getting Clarity

The first week is where we help you get clear on your deepest desires, what you want from life and how you want to feel moving forwards. Who do you want to be in this life? This session will help you choose the goals that are aligned with your soul. 

Weeks 2-3 

Identifying your hidden blocks

In weeks 2 and 3 we start to identify where you are holding onto certain beliefs or thought patterns that aren’t serving you and where in your life these thought patterns were formed. Here we dive deep into your childhood memories, fears and experiences to uncover conscious and unconscious blocks. Get ready for some major light bulbs (and most likely some tears). 

Weeks 4-5 

Transforming limiting beliefs

We will start our work on transforming our beliefs using various techniques including NLP. The belief work will continue for three weeks as we completely remove and release any beliefs that no longer serve you.

Weeks 6 

Forgiveness and self-compassion 

In week 6 we work on forgiveness – where in your life are you holding onto grudges? Is it with yourself or others? In this session we also work on forgiving all those people that have hurt us, how to cultivate self-compassion and overcome any perfectionistic tendencies.

Week 7

Energy work 

In order to attract more positive things into your life you need to firstly release any negative energy you may be holding onto and then work on raising your vibration. In weeks 7 we will work with various energy healing modalities including tapping and chakra balancing. 

Week 8

Nutrition and


You are what you eat - this age old saying is absolutely true. This week we look at how nutrition and food can support your transformation. 

Week 9-10

Inspired Action Planning and manifestation

During this module we will begin work on an Inspired Action Strategy. Working with the Law of Attraction, this module is all about taking the steps and moving towards your goals in a way that keeps you in alignment.


You will learn the art of surrendering to The Universe, trusting and having faith that what you want will be received at exactly the moment you are meant to receive it.


By the end of this module you will be a master manifestor! 

Week 11-12 

Activating your feminine power 

Tuning into your feminine energy will help you to feel empowered as you continue on your journey and will help you to continue to manifest with ease and flow.

Do you know how to trust your intuition?

Do you know how to let your creativity flow? This module is all about connecting deeply to your feminine power letting go of comparisons, exhaustion, anxiety and hopelessness. 

What's included:

  • Access to 8 modules delivered online over 12 weeks

  • Weekly group coaching Zoom calls where we go over the week's content, exercises, address the things that have come up for you and anything you are struggling with. The calls are recorded and shared after the call for those who can't join 

  • Email and messenger access to me during work hours with any questions you have

  • A dedicated private Facebook group where you will be part of an intimate community of likeminded women sharing the journey.