1:1 Coaching

Why should you work with me? If you are looking for a big shift in your life, you are in the right place!

I specialise in helping driven and successful women change their life. Most women come to me to talk about issues they have their food, confidence and body love/acceptance.


Through working together we design your dream life that goes beyond food, and a strategy to make it happen. 

  • I help the modern awakened woman who want to live a purpose-driven life see how their mindset is holding them back from creating the life of their dreams and reaching their goals

  • I help them find the inner connection they crave so they don’t have to turn to destructive behaviours like eating, drinking, shopping and sex.

The program:

Week 1 - Clarity coaching

Weeks 2-3 - Limiting beliefs work

Weeks 4-6 - Transforming beliefs

Weeks 7-8 - Inspired Action planning

Week 9-10 Energy work

Week 11 - Surrendering

Week 12 - Activating your feminine energy

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