The biggest enemy of having the life we want, is drifting. It's being taken along by life and living by accident. This course will help you break this pattern, help you get clear on what you want, and start living your life by design. It's a MINDSET SHAKEUP to get you to think big, and on the path that feels true for you.

Hi beauty 

DAILY PURPOSE - The way we start each day is a map for how we live our life. This program will provide you with the tools you need to start each day with focus, intention and connection. 

CLAIRY - Get clear on what you want in this life free from any limitations. What's your dream, what is it you really want? My powerful clarity process will help you think big, and tap into dreams that yodidn't even know you had. 

KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU NEED CHANGE - You will start to understand the parts of your life that need changing. By the end of this course you will be thinking differently about your future. You will have expanded your idea about what is possible for you and you will have decided how you want to move forward.


This program is for you if:

  • You lack clarity around what your purpose is, what your big vision for your life is, and what impact you want to have on the world.

  • You lack clarity on how to move forward and create something special for yourself.

  • You feel that the days just roll into one and you don't have anything to anchor yourself.

  • You feel stuck in your current reality but don't know how to change it.

  • Want to get more intentional with your time, energy and focus.

  • Want a future to be excited and lit up about. 




The most powerful thing you can do is start your day with intention. In week one we set you up with my game-changing. There is a lesson in vision board making, powerful goals and journalling prompts, and a series of affirmations to help you begin to invite what you want into your life.


In week two we start the clarity process. Through deep questioning and journaling prompts, as well as guided meditations, we begin to uncover those hidden dreams and wishes you have either been too afraid to admit to yourself, or you just didn't believe was possible. Get ready for some lightbulb moments. 


In week three we complete the clarity process. You get a good picture of what your divine purpose in this life is, you figure out your unique medicine, and you draw on the power of your ancestry line to move forward with your new life vision. 


A series of guided meditations,  journalling prompts and affirmations to help you connect in and powercharge your transformation.

Weekly modules delivered online through my learning platform, Teachable, so you can access the materials from anywhere, any time. 

Access to my powerful clarity process that will change the trajectory of your life.