Have you met your shadow?

Let me tell you a story

When my client Cassidy came to me, she was stuck.

She wanted more confidence, she wanted more self-belief, and she wanted to let go of the resentments she held towards her parents. She felt like she took out frustrations on her partner, she felt like she was never satisfied, yet all she wanted was to feel happy.

One of the first things we did when we started working together was to look at how her current beliefs and stories were actually serving her – why she continued to hold onto them, why she continued to feel let down by others and let down by herself, and why she couldn’t see how to break out of it.

After some deep shadow work, she came to realise that by holding onto those beliefs she was able to stay small. She could stay in a victim mentality; she could always blame others and not take responsibility for her life circumstances. And this meant she could never fail. If she was just a victim she didn’t have to strive for more and she could stay unhappy, which to her felt comfortable.

While she said she wanted one thing, she was actually holding onto her current reality because it felt familiar and safe. And while we have two conflicting energies happening for us at one time, we are sending mixed messages to ourselves and out into the field. We will never be able to get what we want if it is in conflict with the energy we are holding.

Once we were able to identity and shift these, Cass was able to recreate a new belief system and a new way of being. Those stories could no longer hold her back once we brought them into the light. She could see how much it was impacting her, and how much she wanted to release then. And once she did, she took an empowered approach to her life, she took ownership of her feelings, reactions and decisions.

Here’s what she had to say after finishing my 12-week program

“Before finding Ashleigh I felt completely lost. I stumbled across her program by chance and from the moment we started I knew that it was meant to be. At the time I was really struggling with my self esteem, thoughts around my body and food, and just feeling disconnected from myself and my desires. Ashleigh helped me to unlock these, see things from a clearer perspective and she gave me so many tools and strategies that I can implement in my day to day life. The program was so well structured and the ‘homework’ tasks really reflected what I needed to work on. The biggest transformation I have experienced is the way that I view my life. My whole lens has shifted to view things in a more positive way and I feel more connected and alive than I have felt before. This has influenced my life externally as well, affecting my relationship with others in a more positive way too. I feel sad that the program is over because Ashleigh was so easy to connect to, but I also know that she has equipped me with the tools that I need to carry out the dream life she helped me discover. I know that the journey is far from over but I really think that the future is looking a lot brighter now. Thanks Ashleigh xx

Sharing this information isn’t because I want to toot my own horn. It’s because I genuinely know that I can help, I know I can facility the healing and transformation you are looking for. I’ve seen my program work time and again for my clients and I’ve seen the healing and shifts they’ve experienced. I have to do this work because it is my dharma, and the more women I can share this method with, the more women living their authentic truth, the better off humanity it. We are raising the collective conscious here!

If you are ready to make this major shifts for yourself, to step into your power and create an elevated and aligned life, the book a call right now with me and we can get to work.

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