Psychology and Sprituality

As well as being a coach, I’m in the process of studying to become a clinical psychologist.

The field of psychology was something I rejected for a long time – I thought it was too scientific, too black and white, too cerebral for me.

But the further down I went on my spiritual journey, and right before I started my degree, I realised that psychology and spirituality CANNOT be separated. In my mind they are inextricably linked (I actually came to psychology through spirituality rather than the other way around – operating in the esoteric is much more natural for me than the logical left brain energy).

The idea that spirituality is somehow separate from psychology and should be treated that way is still something that is taught at universities. Occasionally there is a lecturer who questions this, but not in any direct way – more like a vague general hint that there is something greater than us that the field of psychology could help us navigate.

But here’s what I think (and have experienced):

We all carry wounds from our childhood, acting out patterns that we’ve developed over and over again, seeking validation or someone to act out these patterns with. We have lost the ability to know self and trust self. The separation from our true, unchanging essence, is why we have lost our way.

Spirituality gives a bird’s eye view of life. It gives us the chance to practice awareness of ourselves, to witness ourselves and the patterns, responses, emotions and energetic states.

Spirituality gives us a chance to connect with our soul, the part of ourselves that knows we are more than the ego, more than the idea of who we think we should be. It’s the eternal, unchanging part of us – it is our true essence.

Therefore we can’t seek healing that only addresses the mind. We need healing that works on mind, body and soul.

We know deep inside that we didn’t come into this world to just work, live, compete with each other, have children maybe, and then die. We came here to find purpose, to be free and to learn the lessons that our soul has chosen this life to learn them in.

One of my favourite spiritual teachers Adyashanti, talks about the western world having a collective wound of unworthiness which plays out every day in our life. This is obvious to me now. But our collective wounds offers immense opportunities for collective healing, to form community, to give more than we take, and to learn how to trust, surrender and forgive.

And to heal at all levels – mind, body and soul.

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