Why uncovering your belief system is so important

It’s so important to uncover your belief system because this is the thing that holds you back. Your beliefs about yourself and about your world really are the thing that's driving your entire existence. And there are a few ways that they can hold you back.

The first is that if you have a certain belief that's limiting, it's going to stop you from taking actions towards your goals.

It's going to stop you taking action towards the things that you really want, because subconsciously you might have a story going on in your mind about why you don't deserve it.

Secondly, our vibration is connected to our belief system. So if you have a belief that is negative or limiting, then you are going to vibrationally push the things that you want away from you. You're going to energetically repel the things you want from you. So if you believe that you can't have the thing you want, your whole vibrational state will be operating from that belief. You're going to be keeping the things you want away from you.

And thirdly, we really build our lives around our belief systems. So if you have a certain belief, like you can't have a fulfilling career, or maybe you feel you're not deserving of the relationship that you want, or you're not deserving of lots of money, you are going to constantly reinforce that belief for yourself. Then it becomes a story. Then it becomes a pattern and that’s how it becomes a belief system. And when you have that, when you adopt that, it's so far deep into your psyche that actually the environment will coalesce around that belief to keep reinforcing it and keep supporting it.

And that's why it can be so difficult to make changes. Because if you're stuck in that pattern, if you're stuck in that story, you are also reinforcing that for yourself and you are going to build the environment to support that belief.

So just as an example, if you really want to live somewhere and you just keep saying to yourself there are no apartments that I want or there's nothing in my price range, all of sudden you're going to settle for something less than what you want because you've already made a decision that what you want actually isn't there for you.

If you have a limiting belief that what you want isn't coming to you, or you're not deserving of what you want, then you'll make decisions based from that and you'll never get what you want. You won't ever make space for the thing that you actually really want.

We all have patterns and stories that we've picked up from childhood, the narratives about ourselves, from the community that we live in, from our parents. These are all things that we adopt and we learn really early in life. And then we constantly just reinforce it for ourselves over and over and over again. And that's how it becomes a belief system.

What can you do to change it?

So if you are struggling with some sort of limiting beliefs, maybe don't ever feel like you won’t have the fulfilling career that you want, or the job or the business that you want and you feel stuck. Just notice what you're saying to yourself what that narrative is – maybe it’s “this isn’t working or it's never going to work, or I'm never going to be able to do this” or whatever that story is, just notice it and just try to challenge it. Say to yourself “okay, well, where did that come from?” Meditate on it and think back to your childhood and then say, “okay, well maybe I adopted that belief from somewhere else and maybe that's not true? What are the ways that it's not true for me? What evidence do I have that this belief is false? And then you can say, “okay, well, what's the opposite of thinking like that?” Maybe it's something like, “oh no, I am deserving, I am capable of creating the dream life that I really want. I am worthy of the relationship that I want. I am worthy of all the money that I want.”

And then start to make that into a meditation or a morning practice that you can incorporate into your life. So you're actually changing the programming of your mind. You're actually reaffirming to yourself, things that you do want.

In this way you are unpacking and deconditioning yourself from the stuff that you don't want, because if you don't do that work you're just always just going to get the same thing over and over again. So you have to make a decision to think a different way to behave a different way and to act a different way.

If you are struggling with a belief system that you keep seeing playing out in your life at the moment, or you've seen it over and over again in your past, reach out to me and let's talk about that. And I can definitely help you overcome those beliefs and transform them and create new belief systems, which is going serve you for the rest of your life. It’s going to help you step into that person that you really want to be.

Reach out to me here!

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