Why your energy is so important

Many of us are not living our best lives right now. We are not living up to our potential, we are not living as the best version of ourselves.

But we actually can live better, do more of what brings us joy, and be happier. We have the power to change our reality, and attract what we want. To do that, one of the things we need to do is raise our vibration to match the vibration of what we wish to attract.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and developer of the widely-known Map of Consciousness says that 99% of the world’s population is living at a low frequency.

This means the vast majority of humanity is either suffering or just getting by.

Like attracts like - to live in flow, in love, and in peace, you need to raise your vibration to match that of which you wish to attract.

From personal experience I really now understand the importance of my energy and keeping my vibration high.

When my vibe is high, I can create the things I want, I attract the the things I want.

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds. This includes trees, bodies, rocks, animals, thoughts, and emotions. Human vibrations are composed of everything from physical matter to the way you communicate the thoughts you think.

In simple terms, some molecules vibrate faster and some vibrate slower; there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations.

When you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease, whereas lower vibrations feel heavy, dark, and confused. How are you vibrating right now? How about the world? Here are some ways you can help raise your vibration frequency.

Be conscious of your environment. Be conscious of people you are spending your time with and let go of those who do not serve you. Are you in toxic environments or around negative people who bring you down? As soon as you become aware of your surroundings and their energies, you have the power to change them. As a result, you can change your reality and raise your vibration. If you don’t change your environment, you will most likely be expected to act the same way as before and be held in a similar frame, making it hard to break through and become a better person. If things around you are making you feel a certain way, or they are reminding you of your past, you need to change them. Doing this will allow you to release the lower vibrations and negative emotions, helping you increase your vibration and become a better you.

Spend time in nature. Walk barefoot, spend time with animals, and move your body outside. By moving our bodies, our vibration can start to move too. If we always sit still, our vibration will become static as well. Nature has a very high vibration. By spending time outside and walking barefoot, we become part of a process called earthing. Earthing allows our bodies to receive a charge of beneficial energy fast. We used to all live in nature. It only makes sense that nature grounds us and surrounds us with positive energy. When surrounded by nature, our ego starts to dissolve, our low frequencies start to dissipate, and we raise our vibration.

Be mindful of your thoughts. Pay attention to the way you talk about yourself. To the way you talk about other people as well. Our mind is a narrator who doesn’t stop. You’re not always aware of all the thoughts you’re saying. But those thoughts are what become your reality. Your thoughts, words, and actions all transform into your reality. This is why meditation is important and can lead us up the vibrational scale. It helps us become aware of our thoughts and teaches us to let them go. As soon as we become aware of our thoughts and let them go, we can begin to forgive. Forgiving is one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration because there is nothing holding you down anymore, allowing you to release negative frequencies that you were holding onto.

Want more tips on raising your vibration? Join my free Vibration Workshop happening this Friday July 30, 9am Sydney time, in my Facebook Group Spiritual Sisters.

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