from my clients...

Beautiful Ashleigh,
What an amazing journey this was! When I joined your 12 Week Awakening Women Course I was unsure what to expect. I felt nervous but also the need to heal, re-connect to myself and look at those hidden barriers that keep me small, stuck and unfulfilled. But how?! Well, I have been following you on social media and when your course came up I knew this was meant to be. The first time we spoke to each other I felt safe and supported. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. I loved the group setting, the connection and wisdom that it holds. I feel more clear and aligned to myself now.

These 12 weeks have been profoundly transformational for me. The part of discovering our limiting believes was the most impactful part for me. With your help I was able to dig deeper and see believes and patterns I wasn’t able to see by myself. This awareness and your tools helped me transform those believes and expand my self-love and self-worth. Amazing!


I am looking forward to walk my way to my goals and I know I can use one of your incredible tools to help me keep going if I get stuck. I highly recommend this course. This is life changing. Thank you so very much for your devotion to your magnificent work.


I've just finished Ashleigh's 12-week program and I would love to post some feedback here! The biggest transformation I received from working together, was that I realized that I am separate from my emotions and my underlying beliefs, which was huge for me. I no longer feel helpless against them. Ashleigh introduced me to several tools to help me master my emotions and not let them consume me and to change my beliefs that no longer serve me.  


I now have more self-awareness and less of a victim mentality about daily life. I have a stronger commitment to my morning ritual, more inner strength and more clarity. 


Ashleigh was a super coach. She asked good questions, gave space for answers to come to me, and explained things clearly. I loved the meditations to start off the sessions. They were grounding and helpful in bringing out my own wisdom. She was a nurturing, loving and strong guide during the process. I think the program was great, it covered lots of ground and each session felt very productive. It was paced well and Ashleigh's energy was always fantastic. She responded well between sessions as well if I had questions or wanted feedback. She also provides the Facebook group for additional support. Thank you, Ashleigh!


I have struggled with weight for as long as I can remember. I decided to commit to a 3 month transformation after meeting with Ashleigh. I had no idea what I was in for. During COVID, I not only kept weight off, but I lost it. (So far 20 lbs - I will update with before and after a once I reach my goal weight!) Even more importantly, I found self love and peace with things I wasn’t even aware I struggled with. I had some tough sessions but Ashleigh was there every step of the way, even outside my sessions. She even followed up when I was too shy to say otherwise. She is an excellent reader and tapped into things that brought me into awareness. I not only lost weight, but I opened myself up to finding strength in vulnerability and peace with my hidden pain. I realized there is so much more than struggling with physical weight and addressed inner weights that held me down.

I literally cancelled my therapist and went all in with Ashleigh because not only do I have results...I look forward to our time talking. She has become my life coach. As I lost pounds, I lost years of baggage and gained life tactics to mold myself into the person I was always meant to be. I believe that this work is continuous and am grateful to continue my life work with Ashleigh. I feel safe, comfortable and struggle to describe this type of transformation...I laugh more, apologize less and check my inner dialogue. My work, friendships and self respect has dramatically improved. I can’t stop typing about all the good things this has caused so my advice: go for the 3 month transformation program and C O M M I T. Don’t skip out bc it’s outside of your comfort zone. That’s where great things happen. Anyways long story short I am beyond grateful for Ashleigh!


I worked with Ashleigh in her group programme and it was truly a soul-searching, deep diving transformational experience! I learnt so much about myself and my limiting beliefs (most of which i didn't realise I had!) I learnt to stand up for myself and to trust myself and my intuition. I feel lighter and freer since working through the programme. It's given me the confidence to go forward in my business and stop procrastinating! Ashleigh is a wonderful coach. She gently guides and nurtures without any judgment. I loved the exercises she set and will be revisiting and using them regularly. They are life tools. If you are thinking about working with Ashleigh then I would say GO FOR IT! Be prepared to dig deep into your inner self and unpeel the layers of conditioning you've had which may be holding your back from your true self and higher calling.


Grateful for our session! You made me feel so safe to open up and you were so supportive. Ashleigh is so knowledgable at what she does. Thank you for such an empowering session x


I have absolutely loved working with Ashleigh through the 12 week group program. The exercises are so relevant and helpful at getting me to delve deeper, connect further. I’ve had a couple of ‘ahha’ moments whilst on the course, I feel so much more connected to my intuition now, and I feel like I know myself and my rhythms - which puts me in a place to work with them rather than against them. Ashleigh is a joy to work with. She has been so supportive and seems to know the right thing to say at just the right time. I can highly recommend Ashleigh as a coach, she is insightful and caring. But also pushes you to move forwards, getting the results you desire!


Thank you for a great session Ashleigh! You made me feel comfortable and your non-judgemental approach made it extremely easy for me to open up. I learnt so much from my first session and came out feeling so much lighter and ready to make the necessary changes in order to meet my goals. You're such an inspiring and talented lady and look forward to our continued work Thank you for a great session Ashleigh! You made of feel comfortable and your non-judgemental approach made it extremely easy for me to open up. I learnt so much from my first session and came out feeling so much lighter and ready to make the necessary changes in order to meet my goals. You're such an inspiring and talented lady and look forward to our continued work.


Ashleigh is such a warm, welcoming and authentic person who I connected with immediately during our session and felt safe to open up to. I learnt so much about not only my eating habits and nutrition but also how my lack of confidence around body love and acceptance was holding me back - and how these limiting beliefs related to all areas of my life. I've already noticed shifts in my mindset. Thanks so much Ashleigh xx


Really great session that really helped me notice a pattern in my weight gain and loss. Ashleigh is lovely to connect with, has great advice and I’m really grateful for the session, it really helped me connect some dots I didn’t realise I was missing. Thank you Ashleigh x


I had a coaching session with Ashleigh last week and it has already helped improve my life and mindset so much by placing importance on and understanding my nutrition and wellbeing. I now make it a priority and it impacts the rest of my life so positively! Thank you Ashleigh x


Thank you so much for our coaching session, Ashleigh James! I so appreciate your style, so open-hearted and caring! I felt fully understood and not at all overwhelmed, which has been my experience elsewhere before meeting you. I love your holistic approach, and I'm so grateful that the steps you gave me to start with feel simple, doable, and not at all stressful. Thank you, thank you!