1:1 Private Coaching

My sweet, it's time. 

It's time for you heal your inner world so you can live with more peace, joy, confidence and self-love. 


By working with me you will learn how to overcome everything that's holding you back, step fearlessly into your highest self, and own who you are unapologetically.


Welcome to your journey of self-love, self-discovery, self-acceptance and healing. 


Through my proven approach of combining psychology with spirituality and mysticism, I have helped transform the lives of women around the world. I believe when we get to the root of the limiting belief, the unresolved trauma or the mindset block, we can change the trajectory of our lives. We can rewrite our story. 


My coaching style is gentle, but I will hold you accountable to this work. I create a safe and nurturing  space for my clients so true healing can take place. Trust is of utmost importance to me, and I don't take the privilege of being part of my clients' transformation, lightly. This program is heavily supported and tailored, and I make sure my clients feel powerfully held throughout our journey together.


One of my gifts is that I have an innate ability to see patterns in people that others miss. And through my training in psychology and coaching, I am able to not only get to the root of these damaging patterns, I can activate the tools and strategies I have been trained in, to help you overcome them.

I am passionate about sharing the right tools and knowledge with you so you can have the major shift, upgrade and transformation you have been searching for. 


the transformation


BE CLEAR on what it is you really want in this life - your purpose, your unique gifts, your goals and the person you want to be.

HAVE HEALED your inner-child and connected deeply to your shadow self to integrate all parts of you.

HAVE IDENTIFIED the blocks, trauma and limitations that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck up until now.

TRANSFORMED those limitations and faulty beliefs , creating a new and empowered belief system in its place that is deeply aligned to your highest self.

DEVELOPED LIFELONG TOOLS and strategies to help you stay connected and in-tune with your inner self and intuition.

OWN YOUR EMOTIONS, learn how to channel them, and become best friends with your ego.

DEVELOP A DEEP TRUST in yourself, your intuition and the ability to discern truth from illusion.


UNDERSTAND what your boundaries are, and how to create and uphold them.

BE DEEPLY CONNECTED to your feminine power and flow, allowing you to be a forceful creator. 


This program is for the woman who:

  • Has stories, beliefs, patterns and blocks that hold her back.

  • Is owned by her emotions and ego, which causes damage to her relationships

  • Has childhood trauma she needs to work through.

  • Feels stuck in her current reality. 

  • Knows she is meant for more but doesn't know where to start.

  • Feels disconnected from her inner power, intuition and truth.

  • Wants to go deeper into her spirituality and divine nature.

  • Lacks the ability to create and maintain healthy boundaries, or suffers from imposter syndrome.

  • Feels overwhelmed by life, like she doesn't have the tools she needs.

  • Is ready to release what's keeping her stuck, what's been keeping her down, and to step into her highest vision.

  • Is ready to show up, commit, do the work and see results.




Get clear on what you really want for yourself in this life - who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve? What's your dream life look for you? Together, we map it out. In Module 1 I also do a full health and wellbeing assessment so we get a good understanding of your current mental and physical state. 


Utilise spiritual principles and ancient wisdom so you can transform your energy to live with flow, peace and ease. In this module I teach you various emotional regulation tools including EFT, forgiveness work and chakra balancing so you can raise your vibration and clear energetic blocks.


We continue to track your progress against the plan we made in

Module 1. 


Dive deep into your shadow self to uncover the subconscious beliefs, blocks and old stories that have been playing out and disempowering you. We find out exactly what your blocks are. 

We also track your progress against the plan we made in Module 1. 


Become a magnet for all you desire, use The Law of Attraction to cultivate an abundant mindset, and become a master manifestor! In this module I take you through various methods to enable you to surrender to the flow of life, open your consciousness to the power of the cosmos, so you can feel supported for the rest of your life. 

We also track your progress against the plan we made in Module 1. 


Heal your inner child and integrate her within your adult self, and create new and empowering beliefs that are deeply aligned with your values and who you want to be in this life.


We continue to track your progress against the plan we made in Module 1.  


Connect more deeply to your feminine power and energy so you can stay aligned and in your truth. Your femininity is where your true power. In this module I teach you how to stay aligned to this power within and create your life with ease. 

We also track your progress against the plan we made in Module 1. 


6 x fortnightly 1:1 zoom calls where you are front and centre to work through all your limitations, trauma and blocks, so you can create a life you are in love with. 

Weekly modules delivered online through my learning platform, Teachable, so you can access the materials from anywhere, any time. 

Access to me on Slack to ask questions and do checkins in between sessions. You are 100% supported in this.

A series of guided meditations,  journalling prompts and affirmations to help you connect in and powercharge your transformation.

A dedicated private Facebook group where you will be part of an intimate community of likeminded women sharing the journey.



Elke 2_edited_edited.jpg

​These 12 weeks have been profoundly transformational for me. The part of discovering our limiting believes was the most impactful part for me. With your help I was able to dig deeper and see beliefs and patterns I wasn’t able to see by myself.


This awareness and your tools helped me transform those beliefs and expand my self-love and self-worth. Amazing! I am looking forward to walk my way to my goals and I know I can use one of your incredible tools to help me keep going if I get stuck. I highly recommend this course. This is life changing. Thank you so very much for your devotion to your magnificent work.



Lyla photo.jpg

When I came to Ashleigh I was completely stuck with my life, life was fine but situations kept repeating themselves and so I was at a standstill. Trying to move forward and yet incapable of making it happen. My boundaries were also an issue and being violated which left me feeling tired, frustrated and taken advantage of.

From working together, I've completely transformed - Internally, I have tapped back into my power, deservingness and worth. Externally, I am more confident, speaking my truth and most importantly not letting people’s opinions, behaviours or feelings affect me. I realised that I am not responsible for other people’s judgements, issues or opinions.


I am my own person with my own personal power – I choose my life unashamedly and I create what I want.

I now live with more awareness and more tools to tap into to and shift whatever it is which doesn’t sit with me or empower me.

Thank you, Ashleigh for providing me with so much knowledge, wisdom and guidance over the last 12 weeks, it has been a wonderful journey of growth and insights, delving deeper into root causes and unresolved trauma and tapping back into power which had been forgotten.


I looked forward to our calls each week and was amazed at how aligned I became with my growth and milestones to the course curriculum! I am so thankful for your support and grateful to you for holding the space for me. One word to best describe the experience: Transformational. xx



Before finding Ashleigh I felt completely lost. I stumbled across her program by chance and from the moment we started I knew that it was meant to be.


At the time I was really struggling with my self esteem, thoughts around my body and food, and just feeling disconnected from myself and my desires. Ashleigh helped me to unlock these, see things from a clearer perspective and she gave me so many tools and strategies that I can implement in my day to day life.


The program was so well structured and the ‘homework’ tasks really reflected what I needed to work on. The biggest transformation I have experienced is the way that I view my life. My whole lens has shifted to view things in a more positive way and I feel more connected and alive than I have felt before.


This has influenced my life externally as well, affecting my relationship with others in a more positive way too. I feel sad that the program is over because Ashleigh was so easy to connect to, but I also know that she has equiped me with the tools that I need to carry out the dream life she helped me discover.


I know that the journey is far from over but I really think that the future is looking a lot more brighter now. Thanks Ashleigh xx



Carey photo_edited.jpg

I completed Ashleigh's three-month 1:1 program and the biggest transformation I received from working together, was that I realized that I am separate from my emotions and my underlying beliefs, which was huge for me. I no longer feel helpless against them.


Ashleigh introduced me to several tools to help me master my emotions and not let them consume me and to change my beliefs that no longer serve me.  I now have more self-awareness and less of a victim mentality about daily life. I have a stronger commitment to my morning ritual, more inner strength and more clarity. 


Jessie image.jpg

Ashleigh and I worked together for more than four months, and through our time together I found self love and peace with things I wasn’t even aware I struggled with. I had some tough sessions but Ashleigh was there every step of the way, even outside my sessions. She even followed up when I was too shy to say otherwise. She is an excellent reader and tapped into things that brought me into awareness.


I not only lost weight, but I opened myself up to finding strength in vulnerability and peace with my hidden pain. I realized there is so much more than struggling with physical weight and addressed inner weights that held me down.  I lost years of baggage and gained life tactics to mold myself into the person I was always meant to be.


Stacie Headshot.jpg

Working with Ashleigh was truly a soul-searching, deep diving transformational experience! I learnt so much about myself and my limiting beliefs (most of which i didn't realise I had!) I learnt to stand up for myself and to trust myself and my intuition.


I feel lighter and freer since working through the programme. It's given me the confidence to go forward in my business and stop procrastinating! Ashleigh is a wonderful coach. She gently guides and nurtures without any judgment. I loved the exercises she set and will be revisiting and using them regularly. They are life tools.


If you are thinking about working with Ashleigh then I would say GO FOR IT! Be prepared to dig deep into your inner self and unpeel the layers of conditioning you've had which may be holding your back from your true self and higher calling.


Imagine if you lived each day deeply connected to your power and purpose. What if you had a direct channel of communication between you and your higher self.

What if your belief in yourself to create your reality was 10 times stronger than anyone's opinions about you? What if you could heal all the parts of you that needed it? What if you transcended all those stories and experiences from your childhood so that they became your super power rather than your wound?

What I see and want for you is all of this, including deep self-love, more happiness, joy, better relationships, a healthier mind and body, and living fully in your feminine power. This is what I can offer you.

Take my hand babe, you are too amazing and powerful to keep dimming your light.