How to know if you need to do shadow work…

Before I started shadow work, I took everything SO PERSONALLY!! Anytime I was the last to know something, someone forgot to invite me somewhere, I didn’t get a text from a guy, I messed up at work – I got so down and sulky and childish! It affected my sense of worth and also my relationships. But once I started to heal and integrate my shadow, not a lot bothers me personally anymore. Sometimes I might get angry or upset for a second, but I can release it straight away. I don’t people please, I priorities myself, and I am forgiving of myself and others.

Our shadow is the part of us that is hidden. It's the unhealed wound or relationship, the addiction you cannot overcome.

It can be the trait that irritates or triggers you or a quality that you idolise in others.

A concept developed by Carl Jung, Shadow is nothing but the unexplored and unaccepted part of our personality – our dark side.

It’s the place within us that hasn’t been faced or felt. The part we repress, deny or hide. Thus, what we resist, persists.

It continues to control our choices and behaviour, even if we wear masks, try to overcompensate, but shadow never goes away till we acknowledge it, deal with it and integrate it. Shadow Work is the only way to heal our inner conflicts and find peace within.

Shadow work an important tool not just for spiritual growth, but also to attract better health, well-being and abundance, since we attract what we fear experiencing. Without this Vibrational realignment, we keep creating the same patterns of conflicts, disharmony in our relationships and life.

Shadow work is excellent for you if …

• You feel powerless in your relationships. • You are unable to manage your emotions like: Anger, irritation, anxiety, and depression. • You have a dream to achieve something big in life but you feel worthless. • You judge yourself too much and what others think of you affects you. • You feel emotionally exploited in most of your relationships. • You attract same kind of people or patterns in your life. • You are unable to excel in your career. • You think you are unable to utilise your full potentials.

If you want to know more about Shadow work, this is a major element of the work I do with clients. We spend 3-4 weeks on Shadow work and integration, so

you can finally heal the daker parts of you you’ve been afraid to look at.

Find out more about Path to Inner Healing here.

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